When you’re ready to live your life more aware – to be sure your life reflects what’s important to you -this coaching program will gently lead you through the obstacles that are getting in the way and guide you to learn how to create your boldly joyful life!

“Meeting & working with Traci has been LIFE changing! She gave me the confidence and push within my profession and lead with the most humble of souls! She taught me to prioritize my life, look towards the sun & to work my butt off for what I want! Now I’m running my own business!!!” ~ Bianca Heasley, Owner, Roots Salon & Wellness Spa

It’s a 3 month empowering program and includes the following:

  • Month One = 4 calls/one each week: each call will focus on one of the following areas of your life – spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual – with information about how to find balance in each area.
  • Month Two = 2 calls/one every other week: this is where we’ll begin to solidify your pathway to living YOUR boldly joyful life!
  • Month Three = 2 calls/one every other week: we’ll be celebrating your progress and digging deeper to discover what feeds your soul. It feels amazing when you’re living your authentic life!
  • Launch call: we’ll confirm your continued path to creating a life you LOVE!

With each call you’ll receive Action Steps to guide you on your journey, along with pdf. worksheets and/or follow up notes from our call for you to keep.

You’ll learn how to identify roadblocks and discover alternative routes to get to where you want to go – it’s easier than you may think!

You’ll be introduced to a new perspective on fear and how it can work for you – really!

You’ll see how to transform limiting beliefs into an abundant mindset – powerful stuff.

We’ll work together to create your personalized path to live a more joyful life!

You’ll also receive an autographed copy of my Amazon best selling book: Becoming Boldly Joyful – Your Journey Begins Within, along with the companion journal I created using 20 pieces of my artwork – so fun! This book is reflective of my coaching program and also offers great information to find balance in each area: spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Traci Blasko for some time now and am so excited to share her with the world! She has a big heart, many words of wisdom and graciousness that allows everyone to feel heard and accepted. She has supported me on my journey to find my authentic voice and confidence in myself. I love how she helps me clarify things and opens me up to new ways of thinking.” ~ Teresa Lisum, Wellness Advocate, doTERRA International


When you’re ready, please complete the form below so we can schedule a discovery call. This will be a 30 minute complimentary call to see if we’re a good match!