Ready to begin your doTERRA journey?!

You know how you feel when someone you know is going to vacation somewhere that you love? You’re so excited for them, right? That’s how I feel when someone starts their doTERRA journey!! That’s how I feel for you right now!

I remember when I placed my first doTERRA order. I could hardly wait to begin incorporating these amazing oils into my daily life. Little did I know what a positive effect they would have, not only in my life, but also in the lives of so many others. I’m so thankful for these ‘gifts of the earth’ (that’s what doTERRA means!) So let’s get you started!

The great news is, you have options! It’s always good to have options. So here they are:

  • Order retail ~ recommended if you’re only purchasing one or two products. I mean who wants to pay full retail if you don’t have to right?!
  • Enroll in doTERRA ~ and purchase your doTERRA products for 25% off with no minimum requirements. You order whenever you wish. The initial enrollment fee is $35 for your first year, with an automatic annual renewal of $25 (good news: doTERRA will send you a free full size bottle of Peppermint oil each year you renew!). You may also enroll with an Enrollment Kit, which is the most economical way to start because your $35 enrollment fee is waived!! You may also enroll and order products individually. I can help you choose the option which is best for you. View enrollment kits here:
  • Enroll in doTERRA’s Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) ~ this is how I’ve been ordering my products for the last 5 years! You still receive 25% off all doTERRA products with the added benefit of earning points back to use toward FREE product on your next monthly order (or whenever you want). This is a monthly order that you control, you may edit it anytime to order whichever products you desire and you may stop it at any time. Read more about the benefits of LRP here:

Let’s do this!

1. Visit HERE to order
2.  Select “Become A Member” at the top of the page 
3. Choose the Wholesale Customer option
4. Fill in your personal info 
(enter ID 365194 if my name & photo isn’t there)
5. Select your starter kit or products, finalize your shipping and payment options. If you’d like to get started on your monthly Loyalty Reward Program, it will give you the option to do so as well as to choose the products you would like to order. This will be for the month following your enrollment month.

Click “Process Order Now & Continue”