Welcome to BOLDLY Joyful!

I’m so happy you’ve stopped in to visit for awhile! I hope you will visit often and find many resources to support your journey to live a boldly joyful life, a life that you absolutely love!

I have found there to be four basic categories of life; Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Intellectual. In my experience, when we feel balanced in these four areas, we experience an inner sense of peace and joy.

  • Spiritual = our connection to something bigger than ourself; a reason for being.
  • Emotional = our reaction to what we, and/or those we care about, experience.
  • Physical = those things in our life which we can see and touch.
  • Intellectual = our thoughts, which are connected to our brains and our minds.

I invite you to take a look at all four areas of your life and decide on a scale from one to ten how healthy you feel in each category.

  • Choose to celebrate those areas in which you are rocking it!
  • Decide if there are some areas you feel you could use some support, or perhaps a new perspective.
  • Take action to create what you are seeking


Visit the FEED YOUR SOUL BLOG: you’ll see on the drop down menu there are four categories to make it easier to navigate. Need some support in your Spiritual life? Click on Spiritual and it will take you to those blog posts focused on spiritual development, seeing things from new perspectives, etc.; same for the other three categories.

Visit the ESSENTIAL OILS page for lot’s of juicy information and direction! I started using essential oils before they were the hot topic of conversation and continue to use them. They were helping myself and my family and friends so much that my journey evolved into my becoming a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA International, educating and leading folks to support a healthy lifestyle. Let me know how I can help you in your essential oil journey!

Visit the RESOURCES page so I can share valuable connections with you that I’ve either personally used or can confidently refer to you to help you on your Joy Journey!

Visit the SHOP page frequently as I will continually be adding workshops and products to support you in your journey to living a life you LOVE!

Visit the CONTACT page to share any questions, concerns, stories, anything at all you may want further information on or anything you feel would benefit others. Also let me know if you’d like to speak one-on-one!

Here’s to enjoying the journey and supporting one another along the way!

With gratitude and joy . . . Traci