I wrote my first book after finding my way back to a foundation of joy. My hope is that it will inspire you to be courageous and boldly choose your joy too.

Becoming Boldly Joyful: Your Journey Begins Within, as well as the companion journal, are available to purchase on Amazon!

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NOW is the perfect time to create more joy in your life!

This is an insightful, easy read, providing thought-provoking questions for you, the reader, to experience transformation. Traci’s well-placed humor and joyful heart shine through, making you want to continue your journey through the book. Short, powerful and transformative; you’re going to want to read this book!

If you are:
• Struggling to feel a joyful heart,
• Feeling like life is happening to you,
• Feeling overwhelmed by all the busyness,
• Lacking belief that you can create a life you love,
• Wondering what your purpose is . . .

Then you will enjoy reading Becoming Boldly Joyful! Join Traci Blasko, author, artist, and boldly joyful coach, on a fun and insightful journey to creating more joy in your days.

When you read this book, you’ll learn:
• To believe in yourself and to know, with belief and action, you can accomplish anything,
• To give yourself permission to love and accept the wonder of you,
• To see gratitude and abundance everywhere,
• To feel more fulfilled, content, and at peace,
• To create healthier relationships,
• To awaken your power of choice,
• To discover your authentic self,
• To live each day in a Boldly Joyful way!

Now is the time for you to become a Joy Warrior!

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