Have you ever responded to something that scared you by covering your eyes? That’s how I watch scary movies, and the movies I watch aren’t even that scary! But, hey, it makes the scary stuff disappear, right?! That reaction makes me think of how I believe we sometimes act regarding our spirituality. If we just cover our eyes, we won’t have to think about what it really is or if we are spiritual.

(Don’t you think this picture looks like the two dark clouds are hands covering the eyes? Unfortunate since the beauty that is all around is going unnoticed.)

It seems like that’s what we do sometimes. Depending on the audience, the mere mentioning of the word spiritual can cause some to become noticeably uncomfortable and go to that whole ‘woowoo’ place, or on the other extreme, to share anything you would ever want to know about traditional or non-traditional practices.

How do you define being spiritual? To start with, it’s really just a word and not something to fear, right? It’s the energy behind the word that is sometimes difficult for us to define. We live in a world overflowing with information. We want facts. Now. When something is somewhat nebulous, it makes us feel unsettled. We’re not used to coming to our own conclusions. We’re used to doing a Google search and having an answer in less than two seconds!

I’ve grown to love the word spiritual because to me it describes an energy of unconditional love, and personally I believe that’s what this life is all about.

To me, when we reach the highest levels of self-growth in spirituality, it allows us to look at each other as equals and think of each other with kindness. A space that is judgement free, allowing differences, freeing us from trying to be ‘as good as’ or ‘better than’. It gives us freedom to connect with something larger than ourselves, freedom to be in the moment, freedom to jump off the crazy hamster wheel we’re so often on and to be grateful for the experience of living.

To me, the practice of spirituality is allowing myself to grow, make mistakes, get back up and keep on growing in the area of unconditional love; of myself, other people, animals, nature, God and this whole experience of life itself.

I want to live a more joyful, peaceful life. One that has a foundation of love, truth and kindness all wrapped up with gratitude. Unrealistic? My higher self says ‘all things are possible’. : )

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