I jumped in my truck this morning to head to a meeting, about 45 minutes away. I put the address into my GPS and it said an hour and fifteen minutes, twice as long as normal . . . What? Why? While I was on the turnpike, my friendly GPS Lady gave me the option to reroute and save 11 minutes, “Sure, why not?”, I thought.

Twenty minutes later, while I was in the middle of Who Knows Where, I was really questioning dear old GPS Lady, literally talking with her, asking her why in the world she was taking me on all these back roads!! I would love to say that I felt no stress, because you know, I love adventure and visiting new places, but I can’t. I was, in fact, feeling a lot of stress, because I really didn’t want to be late.

Eventually I ended up traveling a windy, country road running parallel to the turnpike and saw that traffic was backed up and barely moving. Hmm, I thought, I really should apologize to ‘her’, so that I did! “Well, I owe you an apology friendly GPS Lady, you’re not crazy after all! Thanks for getting me around the obstacle and giving me good directions.” (This is causing me to wonder, am I the only one who talks with my GPS?)

So then, in the middle of my de-stressing and thankfulness and feeling like I might actually get to the meeting before it was over, I ended up behind a car traveling at five miles under the speed limit, a pet peeve of mine by the way. Stay down blood pressure, stay down. I had a choice to make. Either get stressed again or just thank the driver in front of me for making me stay under the speed limit on those unfamiliar, windy back roads and helping me arrive safely. I’m happy to report I chose the latter this time. : ) And I made it to the meeting, a little tardy, but before the presentation started. So here’s to you friendly GPS Lady and Slow Car Driver . . . thanks for being my guardian angels today!

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