Your words have a great effect on our world. Yes, yours. Mine too. Each of us has the opportunity every moment of every day to use the power of our words. We can use them for good, for bad and everything in between. Our words create the energy that we humans use to distinguish one from another.

“She’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.” “I hope she won’t be there, she’s such a complainer.” “My boss really encourages me to be my best.” “They just make me feel awful.” “My memory is so bad.” “I’m so overwhelmed.”

How do you use the gift of your words?

Do they uplift others and yourself? Encourage? Support? Understand? Offer help? Or something other than that?

I feel many of us don’t truly comprehend the effect our words have on everyone who hears them. If we did understand, I feel we would be much more aware of what we were saying and how we were saying it. To carry this thought one step further, we should also take a good look at what type of words are going through our heads about ourselves. Are they kind or otherwise?

Have you ever heard of the book THE HIDDEN MESSAGES OF WATER by Masaru Emoto? It’s fascinating. He froze water crystals after exposing them to either positive or negative words, then used microscopic photography to photograph the crystals. The difference between those molecules exposed to “Thank you” compared to those exposed to “Hate” is eye-opening at the least. Masaru Emoto also did The Rice Experiment where he filled three separate jars with rice. The first jar he shared words of gratitude; the second received discouraging words; the third was simply ignored. Gratitude fermented and gave off a pleasing aroma; Discouraged turned black; Ignored rotted. Perhaps this isn’t so surprising, after all, how does it make us feel when we are treated with gratitude, discouraged or ignored?

Do you remember the observation you were asked to do in elementary school where you spoke to one plant with kindness and encouragement and spoke nastily to another plant? The plant which was encouraged grew faster and was more hearty. Gee whiz, how many examples do we need?

I invite you to join me in doing the following for one week:

1. Look in the mirror every morning and say something kind and encouraging to yourself (because you are an amazing person).

2. Be very aware of the words you are sharing with other people and the tone with which you’re sharing them.

3. Get in the habit of sharing words of encouragement, support and understanding whenever possible!

“Change the way you speak and your whole life will change.”

Cheryl Richardson

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