I randomly found a book at Barne’s & Noble a number of years ago that completely changed the way I look at my financial life. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

Through his writings, Harv leads us to become aware of our Money Blueprint and notice what it’s set for. Have you noticed that many self-made millionaires lose their millions, only to gain them back again? Or how, often times, lottery winners win millions only to lose it all? Why? Harv claims it’s due to their Money Blueprint ~ consistent millionaires have a millionaire mindset where many other folks have a paycheck~to~ paycheck mindset.

A great formula to pay attention to is:

P -> T -> F ->A = R

Past programming (the ideas about money we were raised with), leads to our Thoughts, which lead to our Feelings, which lead to our Actions, which equal our Results.

Kind of fascinating actually.

If we’re not getting the financial results we want, we need to look backward long enough to understand our past programming and change what needs to be changed; when those changes happen, everything else changes as well, the old domino effect.

I love a point he made stating that what we see in our physical life, in this case our financial statements, is a result of what’s going on in our emotional, spiritual and mental life. Trying to only change the physical result is like seeing a typo on a printed document, putting White Out on it and expecting the typo to be gone on the next copy you make. It just doesn’t work that way! We have to change the typo on the actual computer document to change the result. In order for our physical results to change, we must first take a look at our past programming, thoughts, feelings and actions; change those and our results will have no other option but to change. This isn’t just regarding our Money Blueprint, this can be used for our perspectives on many areas of life.

So what’s your Money Blueprint set for? A high income, moderate income or low income? A consistent income or inconsistent income? You have to work hard for your money or money comes easily to you when you apply effort?

There’s no ‘one right answer’ that fits everyone. It is healthy, however, to know what is healthy for you and make sure your Blueprint is the right design. The exciting news is that whatever your current Money Blueprint is, you can create a new one any time you’re ready! How about now?!

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

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