Is there a difference between feeling happy and feeling joyful? I believe the answer is yes, definitely! Feeling happy is a mood, just like feeling sad, grumpy, excited, scared, etc. It’s a temporary feeling based on external factors such as people, experiences, and events. It’s a word to describe how we’re feeling.

“I’m so happy you can be at the party.”

“I’m happy we’re going on vacation.”

You know what I’m talking about.

Joy, on the other hand, joy is something completely different. Joy is a condition of the heart. It’s our operating system, cultivated internally with a whole lot of depth to it. We find joy when we love ourselves, our lives and our experiences and are grateful for our life. Doesn’t mean we don’t go through challenges, doesn’t mean we don’t experience feelings of sadness, grumpiness, etc., doesn’t mean we stay in joy every second of every day. It does mean that more often than not, we choose to see life from a perspective of joy, in spite of all the things that could get in the way. It’s that feeling we feel when we feel like our heart is going to burst with love. When your child takes it’s first steps, graduates, gets married, says something funny; when your pet looks at you with unconditional love; when a friend or spouse surprises you with something wonderful; when we feel like we’ve accomplished something great. Even through difficult times we can feel joy. “I miss my mom more than words can say since she passed, and I’m so thankful for all the time we shared together and all of our memories.”
“I’m nervous about the challenge I’m facing, and I know I’m strong and thankful for those that will help me through this.” Can you feel the difference? Joy runs so much deeper than happiness.

I’m choosing to do what I need to do to live a life I love, to be strong to make it through the challenges, still choosing to know this life is full of opportunity, adventure and beautiful things.

I’m choosing to be boldly joyful. How about you?

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