It’s become common to refer to our inner circle of friends as our ‘besties’. We feel blessed to have these people in our lives. At their finest, these are the people who get us; they make the best Game Night partners because they basically can read our minds, they ‘get’ how we think.

They’re there for us, always, to laugh together or cry together or tell us that we have spinach stuck in our teeth. They accept us for who we are, when we’re at our best and when we’re at our worse (and they don’t judge us for those times we’re at our worse). They’re the ones who lift us up and make us stronger, who believe in us when we’re uncertain. Besties are a valuable gift, one to nurture and be grateful for at all times. So the question is, are you on your list of besties? Are you a good friend to yourself?

Rate yourself from 1 to 5 on each of the following questions, 1 being never and 5 being always:

  1. Shhh . . . I am a good listener. ____
    What does it mean to be a good listener to yourself? It means that when something is on your mind, you take the time to listen as you would to a friend and come up with some suggestions and/or solutions to offer.
  2. I am very kind. _____
    Does your inner voice, you know the one that is always chatting in your head, speak kindly to you? To be a good friend, that voice would offer truthful words that are positive and encouraging.
  3. I’m quick to forgive. _____
    Your bestie doesn’t hold a grudge against you if you have a bad day and snap at her for no reason. You say you’re sorry and give her permission to smack you, then you both move on. Are you easy to forgive yourself or do you hold grudges against yourself for what you consider to be mistakes?
  4. I take the time to be thoughtful. _____
    You stop and get yourself your favorite skinny, blonde, vanilla latte, or pick up the newest book by your favorite author just because. Bestie do thoughtful things for each other.
  5. I am non-judgmental. _____
    You can share your deepest, darkest secret with a bestie and she won’t judge you, she may even laugh about it with you! Don’t judge yourself, grow, but don’t judge.
  6. I’m a barrel of fun! _____
    NO ONE keeps a bestie around who isn’t fun! Allow yourself to laugh at yourself, at the silly things you may say and do. Enjoy life, enjoy your own company, smile often and laugh out loud at the funny things you’ve done .
  7. I have great respect. _____
    If you don’t respect yourself, change the things you need to change to enjoy self-respect. It may seem scary, but it’s actually very empowering.
  8. I genuinely love. _____
    You love your bestie and couldn’t imagine living your life without them. Do you genuinely love YOU? If not, refer to #7, do what you gotta’ do . . . allow yourself to be genuine.

So how’d you do? If you scored anything under a 30, I invite you to make the time to focus on becoming a better friend to YOU . . . You are worth it!

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