Are you feeling like you know some things need to change, but you can’t see a clear vision of exactly what needs to change or how to change it? It’s a draining and depressing energy to live in. The sooner we find our way out of it, the better for all.

The first step is to ask yourself if you’re really stuck in a rut or if possibly you’re feeling symptoms of overwhelm or exhaustion instead. The symptoms of each are very similar. Maybe you just need some rest, need to delegate some tasks and allow yourself to take time to relax and rejuvenate.
If, however, you know the feelings you’re feeling are due to feeling stuck, feeling like ‘is this all there is to life’, feeling like you’re carrying around a giant weight every day, or feeling a little numb toward life; chances are your inner self is asking for change.

Here are some ideas to help get you unstuck and on your way to a more enjoyable life:


Find a place where you can sit quietly by yourself with no distractions for at least 15 minutes. Close your eyes and begin to quiet your mind. If you have a rough time quieting your mind, you can also doodle on a piece of paper and let your mind wander while you allow yourself to listen. What are you listening to? Your thoughts. That sound track that plays in your mind all day, every day. Be aware of what you hear. Write down those thoughts that keep reoccurring. Ask yourself if you believe all those things you heard. Is the voice more positive or more negative? Does it talk more about things that happened in the past, things of today or things for the future? Do you like what you’re hearing? The exciting part of this exercise is that you can change that soundtrack whenever you choose!


Water? Yes! Water is very healing and very helpful in getting our thoughts flowing. Take a walk outside and sit near a creek, a fountain, the ocean, a lake or even a puddle if that’s all you can find. If you can’t be near natural water, find water sounds to listen to on your laptop or phone. Listen to the movement of the water and allow your thoughts to be carried along with it. If there’s no movement in the water you find, toss a pebble in and watch the ripples, allowing your thoughts to expand with them. Secondly, be sure to drink A LOT of water! At least 60-70 oz. every day. Staying hydrated is a big step in helping our bodies function properly, including our brains.


Time to be brutally honest with yourself. List the qualities of yourself that you love and the qualities you would love to change. Also list the parts of your life you love and the parts you would love to change. STOP blaming others for your life and STOP making excuses. START taking responsibility for your life and START being more aware of the thoughts and actions you’re taking to create the person you want to be and the life you want to live.


Remember, when we feel stuck it seems very real, like we’re literally stuck in quicksand and just can’t move even though we really want to. Realize this is just a feeling, it is not real. There is no quicksand other than what we imagine. There are, however, solutions waiting to be found inside of us whenever we’re ready. Often times we do know what needs to be done, we simply don’t yet have the courage to implement those things. Be brave, make the changes you need to make in the most positive way possible. Once you’ve taken time to tune in to what your intuition is telling you needs to be done, don’t keep second guessing. Take action. Now.


To be sure the choices you are about to make are the highest and best for all, add love to the equation. Ask yourself, “If I were to see this situation from my most loving self’s perspective, what would I see differently?” Add that answer to what your intuition is telling you needs to happen and your results may be grander than you ever imagined.


There is only one way to get unstuck and begin to see things changing and that is to take action. Now. Stop reading and take an action step right now, even if it’s a tiny step. Do it. Keep taking steps, perhaps small and hesitant at first while you’re starting out, then stronger each day as you get more in the habit of moving forward and creating that life you LOVE.

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